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Chicago queenkv on 04 May 2004

our Econ Field Trip to Bloomberg

click me for bloomberg pix

Chicago queenkv on 11 Apr 2004

Making money….

Econ RPA – Field Trip – Wed, April 7, 2004.

We had a chance to see the action, from the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. We also met CNBC’s Rick Santelli

[image from http://moneycentral.msn.com/]

Then we headed over to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
We played a fun game of trading lumber shares.

Medill queenkv on 07 Apr 2004

Say hi Andrea!

Andrea James – ace reporter!

She also has a knack for this web design bit!

Andrea is a cool person and she’s in my Econ RPA!

Evanston queenkv on 05 Apr 2004

one quarter down….

First Quarter Finished!

Yeah! I hope you folks enjoyed your first quater here…it was a long one and spring break was too short!

I remember I was simply thrilled that the trend story was the last thing to turn in for a grade….no more re-writes!

Best of luck with the second quarter!

So….for the most important question – where’s happy hour this week?

Evanston queenkv on 01 Apr 2004

my dorm


i dug up this site from my archives :)

back when it was freezing and snowing in Jan!

Evanston queenkv on 14 Mar 2004

Cross Media Day

our chance to shine on camera!

Cross Media Day

i don’t know about you – but writing the story was only half the challenge! It was totally nerve-wracking to get up there and have these thing memorized before a live audience :)

Medill queenkv on 12 Mar 2004

Another nifty student site….

Capstone :: Winter04NewMediaStorytelling

Well folks – if you’re at Medill and you want to do the NewMedia Storytelling class – this is a little preview….I must admit – I am tempted to sign-up. However, if this first quarter with Intro kicked my ass – I don’t know if I can handle more school work outside of my required courses……Such a shame though – I like the photography aspect of it :)

Random Thoughts queenkv on 24 Feb 2004

Grey Tuesday

I just downloaded the Grey Album and it rocks. So, I’m joining Grey Tuesday for Brainpickings and my Chicago photoblog(you’re current location).

“This first-of-its-kind protest signals a refusal to let major label lawyers control what musicians can create and what the public can hear. The Grey Album is only one of the thousands of legitimate and valuable efforts that have been stifled by the record industry– not to mention the ones that were never even attempted because of the current legal climate. We cannot allow these corporations to continue censoring art; we need common-sense reforms to copyright law that can make sampling legal and practical for artists.

Go download the Grey Album! Check it out – Jay-z’s Black Album and the Beatles’s White Album….mixed-up, tripped up, and in a strange but kickin’ harmony.

Random Thoughts queenkv on 22 Feb 2004

i love this comment!

“what happens when you give a Cali girl a camera? she takes lot’s of pictures of snow….

hehehe…..this guy from Berkeley pointed out “punctuation gaffe” in my blue banner.

so, yeah, I changed it.

Evanston queenkv on 19 Feb 2004

Wildcats Rule

I heard this was a bit surprising….a win for the Wildcats….

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