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Medill Kris on 24 Jun 2005

Reception for the Medill Graduation – Last Act

Reception for the Medill Graduation

After the ceremony in Cahn…we headed over to the Quad for snacks, drinks and a word or two with our fellow Grad students. We walked out of Cahn with purple boxes holding our diplomas.

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Medill Kris on 24 Jun 2005

Medill Gradation – Part 2 – Pix from the ceremony

more graduation pix

Saxophonist Brad Wheller and the Laurence Hobgood Trio played a jazz version of “Pomp and Circumstance.”

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Medill Kris on 24 Jun 2005

Medill Graduation – June 18, 2005 – Before…aka Part 1

Medill Graduation - June 18, 2005

At last….we managed to graduate from Medill’s graduate program with
a Master’s of Science in Journalism. Finally. Here’s Joan helping Stacey with her collar-thing. The collar-thing kept itching me during the ceremony…but hey….it’s what graduates wear….I suppose.

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Medill queenkv on 12 May 2004

NU Alum does some Baghdad blogging

.:FREELANCING FROM IRAQ:. A recent NU alum turns Baghdad blogger – and he’s coming to Medill to talk about his experience.

Charlie Crain tells all….

Medill queenkv on 07 Apr 2004

Say hi Andrea!

Andrea James – ace reporter!

She also has a knack for this web design bit!

Andrea is a cool person and she’s in my Econ RPA!

Medill queenkv on 12 Mar 2004

Another nifty student site….

Capstone :: Winter04NewMediaStorytelling

Well folks – if you’re at Medill and you want to do the NewMedia Storytelling class – this is a little preview….I must admit – I am tempted to sign-up. However, if this first quarter with Intro kicked my ass – I don’t know if I can handle more school work outside of my required courses……Such a shame though – I like the photography aspect of it 🙂

Medill queenkv on 05 Feb 2004

classmate’s websites…

Shelly designed this site for her NewMedia class – ain’t she talented?
Shelly’s Site

Will said his friend made this site for him…..
Will’s Site

Amazingly, I remembered the url Chris gave me, after our last happy hour at Bergoff’s!
Chris’ Site

What do you think?