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Evanston queenkv on 16 Sep 2004

Last Days in Evanston…

Last days in Evanston

My parents came out on Labor Day weekend to wish us Bon Voyage. Victoria, my skating buddy, was also in town….

Mark and I bought our new baby…this beautiful cannon elph. We love it very much.

Evanston queenkv on 03 Sep 2004

We Survived!

Last week for Chicago Broadcast

it was a tough quarter…but we were happy to be doing it…maybe it’s better than tracking down another interview for the other RPA’s.

Evanston Kris on 11 Aug 2004

WYCC – August 6,2004

oh yeah…some shots are not exactly from that Friday – but I thought they would be nice to include.


what do you think?

Evanston queenkv on 10 Aug 2004

Working on my final project…

it’s about the Chicago Board of Trade…once again,I turn to the world of business for my reporting inspiration…

Evanston queenkv on 08 May 2004

horses run fast…

click me for weekend drinking pix

lot’s of drinking that weekend…yummy mint juelps and wings….lot’s of horses racing…..and that drinking game….

i had know idea 🙂

Evanston queenkv on 05 Apr 2004

one quarter down….

First Quarter Finished!

Yeah! I hope you folks enjoyed your first quater here…it was a long one and spring break was too short!

I remember I was simply thrilled that the trend story was the last thing to turn in for a grade….no more re-writes!

Best of luck with the second quarter!

So….for the most important question – where’s happy hour this week?

Evanston queenkv on 01 Apr 2004

my dorm


i dug up this site from my archives 🙂

back when it was freezing and snowing in Jan!

Evanston queenkv on 14 Mar 2004

Cross Media Day

our chance to shine on camera!

Cross Media Day

i don’t know about you – but writing the story was only half the challenge! It was totally nerve-wracking to get up there and have these thing memorized before a live audience 🙂

Evanston queenkv on 19 Feb 2004

Wildcats Rule

I heard this was a bit surprising….a win for the Wildcats….

Evanston queenkv on 24 Jan 2004

party at dan’s place!

party at Dan’s place

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