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Chicago queenkv on 11 Apr 2004

Making money….

Econ RPA – Field Trip – Wed, April 7, 2004.

We had a chance to see the action, from the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. We also met CNBC’s Rick Santelli

[image from http://moneycentral.msn.com/]

Then we headed over to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
We played a fun game of trading lumber shares.

Chicago queenkv on 17 Feb 2004

out into the cold….

Scavenger Hunt – 2.6.04 – so our professors thought it would be cool to send us out into downtown Chicago, on the coldest day of the year….and compete in this public document scavenger hunt…..

it was very cold.

Chicago queenkv on 27 Jan 2004

taking a study break in Chinatown

Happy Chinese New Year’s!

Chinatown – Dim Sum – 1.25.04

We checked out the Phoenix in Chicago’s Chinatown (more or less, south of downtown). On Debra’s recomendation – we headed to the Phoenix for dim sum. Since this was the same day as the Chinese New Year Parade, we had quite a wait at the restuarant. Luckily, the Dumpling House served the Phoenix dim sum, without the cart service. Good food, but well, it was busy and the service reflected that….

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