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Chicago Kris on 29 Jun 2005

A Boat Tour on the Chicago River

Chicago River Boat Tour

The day after my graduation – we took my dad out for a Father’s Day breakfast at Le Peeps in Evanston. I picked up a Northwestern polo shirt for him.

Then we dropped off my Ate’ Gigi at Midway so that she could catch a flight back to Sin City.

For the rest of us – our flight didn’t leave until around 8ish. So, we headed downtown to take in the sights.

I suggested a boat tour on the Chicago River – a great way to see all the cool buildings and city stuff – without the headache of navigating Chicago-land traffic. That weekend – they closed down several Lake Shore Drive exits for the upcoming “Taste of Chicago.”

An hour boat tour gave us an amazing lesson about all the styles that make up the Second City – can you guess why Chicago got that nickname?

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Chicago queenkv on 10 Aug 2004

Opening Weekend….

Summer nights can be amazing in Chicago…

from last month….

I would post these pix faster…but school get’s in the way 😛 Thanks Suzelle for your lovely pix….I need a new camera.

Chicago queenkv on 13 Jul 2004

Making it through Week 2

Week Two – Chicago Broadcast

Chicago queenkv on 26 Jun 2004

Going live with Chicago Broadcast

Chicago Broadcast – Summer 2004

Wow…we made it past 2 quarters of newspaper writing….we survived a Chicago winter…..we’re ready to take on Evanston and Chicago cable television.

Chicago queenkv on 04 Jun 2004

Cafe Iberico

Last dinner for Econ at cafe_iberico.

plus….a surprise for George…

Thank you Joe, Oly and George!

Chicago queenkv on 01 Jun 2004

ok…we did a lot of drinking this week….

bar hopping on rush street and beyond….

this is the third night i went out drinking….that’s a lot for an old woman like me! sheesh….

still…i had a blast….and I can remember what happened last night…..how about everybody else?

and more pix at Andrea’s site

’cause j-school people need two cameras when they go out bar hopping….didn’t you know?
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Chicago queenkv on 30 May 2004

Marcel’s leaving us!

so we threw this a party for Marcel Pacatte at Scoozi!.

ok….soooooo…now that i got off my lazy ass and updated this thing…Andrea will let me take pictures again 🙂 yah!

yah….i know….it’s nice to share these pix with you….

Chicago queenkv on 29 May 2004

Howl at the Moon

letting loose at
Howl at the Moon

it was fun….

check out more hot pictures on andrea’s site

Chicago queenkv on 10 May 2004

I wish we had a cool scavenger hunt like this…

Yahoo! News – In Chicago, a Scavenger Hunt Unlike Others

“Some of this year’s challenges: Build a “Calvin Kleinometer”; produce “a McDonald’s Sad Meal”; construct a diorama tribute to dioramas with no infinite regressions; replicate Gustav Klimt (news – web sites)’s “The Kiss” using only lip prints made with cosmetics that haven’t been tested on animals; and “demonstrate conclusively that there really is a wrong way to eat a Reese’s (candy).”

UIC students are cool….Medill had its own scavenger hunt, but I don’t think it gave us as many oppertunities to be creative. Ours was a “public records and Chicago historical sites” scavenger hunt – checking out court documents, business filings and the Billy Goat. It was also one of the coldest days ever in Chicago – that made the hunt oh so much more painful….

but we had fun…

Chicago queenkv on 04 May 2004

our Econ Field Trip to Bloomberg

click me for bloomberg pix

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