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Chicago queenkv on 04 Jun 2004 01:15 pm

Cafe Iberico

Last dinner for Econ at cafe_iberico.

plus….a surprise for George…

Thank you Joe, Oly and George!

2 Responses to “Cafe Iberico”

  1. on 05 Jun 2004 at 11:39 am 1.Andrea James said …

    I have to share this conversation with y’all.

    CW: So I heard you econ folks were hanging out at titties bars

    AJ: What!?

    CW: Yeah, Kris told me you all went to a topless bar with the professors.

    AJ: Tapas! TAPAS bar!!

    CW: Oh, I thought it was kind of odd, but Kris said it so casually I thought maybe I was the weird one.

  2. on 05 Jun 2004 at 1:19 pm 2.mark said …

    here is my half-attempt at a limerick :)

    there was a waitress from madrid
    who, in spanish, said “would you like a lid?”
    i asked “just like tapas?”
    but then she went topless!
    boy am i glad that she did.