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Chicago queenkv on 26 Jun 2004

Going live with Chicago Broadcast

Chicago Broadcast – Summer 2004

Wow…we made it past 2 quarters of newspaper writing….we survived a Chicago winter…..we’re ready to take on Evanston and Chicago cable television.

Chicago queenkv on 04 Jun 2004

Cafe Iberico

Last dinner for Econ at cafe_iberico.

plus….a surprise for George…

Thank you Joe, Oly and George!

Chicago queenkv on 01 Jun 2004

ok…we did a lot of drinking this week….

bar hopping on rush street and beyond….

this is the third night i went out drinking….that’s a lot for an old woman like me! sheesh….

still…i had a blast….and I can remember what happened last night…..how about everybody else?

and more pix at Andrea’s site

’cause j-school people need two cameras when they go out bar hopping….didn’t you know?
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