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Random Thoughts queenkv on 24 Feb 2004 08:24 am

Grey Tuesday

I just downloaded the Grey Album and it rocks. So, I’m joining Grey Tuesday for Brainpickings and my Chicago photoblog(you’re current location).

“This first-of-its-kind protest signals a refusal to let major label lawyers control what musicians can create and what the public can hear. The Grey Album is only one of the thousands of legitimate and valuable efforts that have been stifled by the record industry– not to mention the ones that were never even attempted because of the current legal climate. We cannot allow these corporations to continue censoring art; we need common-sense reforms to copyright law that can make sampling legal and practical for artists.

Go download the Grey Album! Check it out – Jay-z’s Black Album and the Beatles’s White Album….mixed-up, tripped up, and in a strange but kickin’ harmony.

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