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Random Thoughts Kris on 26 Nov 2006

Chicago Photoblog Switching platforms…

Hey there — this photoblog of my Medill grad experinece has switched over to the goodness that is WordPress. i’m currently in the middle of tweaking it and making it more queenkv-friendly. 🙂

Chicago Kris on 29 Jun 2005

A Boat Tour on the Chicago River

Chicago River Boat Tour

The day after my graduation – we took my dad out for a Father’s Day breakfast at Le Peeps in Evanston. I picked up a Northwestern polo shirt for him.

Then we dropped off my Ate’ Gigi at Midway so that she could catch a flight back to Sin City.

For the rest of us – our flight didn’t leave until around 8ish. So, we headed downtown to take in the sights.

I suggested a boat tour on the Chicago River – a great way to see all the cool buildings and city stuff – without the headache of navigating Chicago-land traffic. That weekend – they closed down several Lake Shore Drive exits for the upcoming “Taste of Chicago.”

An hour boat tour gave us an amazing lesson about all the styles that make up the Second City – can you guess why Chicago got that nickname?

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Medill Kris on 24 Jun 2005

Reception for the Medill Graduation – Last Act

Reception for the Medill Graduation

After the ceremony in Cahn…we headed over to the Quad for snacks, drinks and a word or two with our fellow Grad students. We walked out of Cahn with purple boxes holding our diplomas.

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Medill Kris on 24 Jun 2005

Medill Gradation – Part 2 – Pix from the ceremony

more graduation pix

Saxophonist Brad Wheller and the Laurence Hobgood Trio played a jazz version of “Pomp and Circumstance.”

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Medill Kris on 24 Jun 2005

Medill Graduation – June 18, 2005 – Before…aka Part 1

Medill Graduation - June 18, 2005

At last….we managed to graduate from Medill’s graduate program with
a Master’s of Science in Journalism. Finally. Here’s Joan helping Stacey with her collar-thing. The collar-thing kept itching me during the ceremony…but hey….it’s what graduates wear….I suppose.

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Evanston queenkv on 16 Sep 2004

Last Days in Evanston…

Last days in Evanston

My parents came out on Labor Day weekend to wish us Bon Voyage. Victoria, my skating buddy, was also in town….

Mark and I bought our new baby…this beautiful cannon elph. We love it very much.

Evanston queenkv on 03 Sep 2004

We Survived!

Last week for Chicago Broadcast

it was a tough quarter…but we were happy to be doing it…maybe it’s better than tracking down another interview for the other RPA’s.

Evanston Kris on 11 Aug 2004

WYCC – August 6,2004

oh yeah…some shots are not exactly from that Friday – but I thought they would be nice to include.


what do you think?

Evanston queenkv on 10 Aug 2004

Working on my final project…

it’s about the Chicago Board of Trade…once again,I turn to the world of business for my reporting inspiration…

Chicago queenkv on 10 Aug 2004

Opening Weekend….

Summer nights can be amazing in Chicago…

from last month….

I would post these pix faster…but school get’s in the way 😛 Thanks Suzelle for your lovely pix….I need a new camera.

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